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The Pottery Parlour is located in the centre of Blandford Forum, Dorset. We are something of a hidden gem so it may be useful to print out the info & map below and bring it when you visit.

The Parlour is housed above Terri Harrison Leathercrafts, looking onto West Street in the centre of Blandford, however the studio is accessed from the rear of the building near Morrison’s supermarket and the Greyhound pub.

We are handily situated a stone’s throw from Old Josie’s delicious Deli so you can grab a picnic or a coffee on your way to the studio, or pop across the yard for a cream tea when you’ve finished creating your ceramic masterpieces.

Using the map, linked below, park in the Morrisons pay & display car park. Walk past the supermarket entrance, towards the town centre, and once clear of the supermarket you will find yourself in the Greyhound Yard, outside the Greyhound pub and Old Josie’s Deli (from the town centre this is just off the junction where West Street meets the Market Place).

Opposite the pub you will see a hairdresser’s and Morrisons Supermarket. Between these establishments is the back of a low building, and if you walk between this building and the supermarket you will find large double gates on your right. Walk through these gates and straight across the yard and you have found the Pottery Parlour!

For a map of the Pottery Parlour’s location within the town centre, click here.